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①“YJ” is the initial of “No.1 Construction” in Chinese Pinyin, forming the shape of Arabic number “1”, symbolizing a straight and upright tall building. ②The letter “Q” is initial for “Qingdao” in Chinese Pinyin. ③The number “1” means No.1, which stands for a first-class enterprise. ④he design of the logo implicates an enterprise spirit that all the staff of No. 1 Construction Group are willing to stand closely together to achieve first-class performance with concerted efforts and expand the enterprise from Qingdao to the world.
  • Corporate Vision

    Behaving with virtue, building with outlook.
  • Corporate purposes

    Devoted to high-quality products and contribute to modern life services
  • Entrepreneurial spirit

    Honesty, Harmony, Innovation and Excellence
Core Value: Pursuing excellent quality and achieving first-class performance
  • Operation Principle

    Honesty-Based,Achieving Excellency

  • Service Philosophy

    Sincerity and excellency, heartfelt friendship

  • Talent Concept

    Appreciating virtue, cherishing and taking advantage of talents

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