Engineering Awards
  • quality

    Luban Awards (highest award for construction projects in China)

    Tien-yow Jeme Award

    Mount Tai Cup Award for Architectural Construction Quality in Shandong Province

    Qingdao Cup Award for Construction Quality in Qingdao

    Yitianshui Integrated Service Center and Dream Science Museum of Qingdao World Horticulture Exposition

    Talent Apartment of Qingdao University of Science & Technology

    Lushang Office Buildings in Qingdao

    Lushang Office Buildings in Qingdao

    First & Second Section of Tianfu Shanzhuang Residential Project

    Chengyang Community Center (Citizen Culture Center)

    Qingdao Haidu International Hotel

    Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners College

    Hudao Shijia Residential Buildings & Kindergarten Construction Project of Hisense Group

    Phase 1 of Qingdao Minghui Xingguang Shangyuan Project

    Block B of Lushang Office Center

    Reconstruction Project of the Flooded Area in Hudao, Sifang District

    Yulong Runbang Residential Buildings in Pingdu District

    No.1, No.4 and No.5 Buildings for Aolin yicheng Residential Project of Lubang Group in Jinan

    Huiyuan Residential Project of Hisense Group, Jinan

    Binhai International New City Residential Project in Yantai

    No.4 Building for Phase 2 of Shanghu Yuyuan Commercial & Residential Project in Zibo

    Chenxi Lijingyuan Project in Binzhou

    Jiehua Bio-pharmaceutical Factory and Auxiliary Facilities

    National Laboratory Workshop of Sifang Locomotive Factory

    Mount Tai Cup Award

  • safety

    Binhai No.1 Residential Project

    Mingrenhai Plaza of Double Star Group

    Dongjian Office Buildings

    Talent Apartment of Qingdao University of Science & Technology

    Jinyu Fudi (Affordable Housing) Project

    Qingdao Haidu International Hotel

    Xiangyi Nuanshan Residential District

    First & Second Section of Tianfu Shanzhuang Residential Project

    Integrated Service Center for Qingdao Rubber Valley (modern service industry hub )

    Reconstruction of Xiawangbu Urban Village and Construction of the Kindergarten

  • innovation

    Shopping Center Project

    Reconstruction Project of Hehuang Little Harbour

    Qingdao Haidu International Hotel

    Phase 1 of Residential District, Stores and Underground Parking lot for Shanghu Yuyuan, Zibo

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