Corporate Honor
  • national level

    National Quality Award

    National Outstanding Construction Enterprise

    National Enterprise with AAA Level Credit

    National Outstanding Enterprise in Engineering Construction Quality Management

    Top 200 Enterprise of Development & Growth in Chinese Architectural Industry

    National Advanced Unit in Engineering Construction Safety & Quality Standardization

    Demonstration Unit of Chinese Engineering Construction Safety Standard Implementation

    National Advanced Construction Enterprise to Customer’s Satisfaction

    Outstanding Member of China Architectural Industry Association

    the Third Prize of National Outstanding Construction Quality Enterprises

  • province level

    Enterprise with AAA Level Credit in Shandong Province

    Demonstration Site of Safety & Civilized Building Construction in Shandong Province

    Provincial Advanced Enterprise of Architectural Industry

    People-enriching & Province-prospering Award in Shandong Province

    Trustworthy & Contract-credit Enterprise in Shandong Province

  • city level

    Outstanding Enterprise of Qingdao Architectural Industry

    Advanced Unit of Safety Construction in Qingdao

    Advanced Unit in Architectural Construction Quality Management in Qingdao

    “Comprehensive Top 10” Enterprise of Qingdao Architectural Industry

    “Top 10 Enterprises in Exploring Overseas Market” of Qingdao Architectural Industry

    Advanced Grass-roots Level Party Organization in Qingdao

    Outstanding Enterprise of Quality Management Group Activities in Qingdao

    Advanced Enterprise of Mass Quality Management Activities in Qingdao

    Enterprises exempted from Annual Inspection in Qingdao

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