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Qingdao No.1 Construction Group and Shandong Chengqian Group Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Recently, Qingdao No.1 Construction Group and Shandong Chengqian Group signed a strategic cooperation ceremony.

At the signing ceremony, the two sides first introduced the current development and future development strategies of their respective enterprises, and looked forward to their cooperation prospects. The two sides said that this cooperation will be a new starting point for the development of both sides. In the future cooperation, the two sides will support and communicate closely with each other to achieve complementary advantages and coordinated development.

After the signing ceremony, some projects under construction and commercial concrete factories of Shandong Chengqian Group were visited.

The predecessor of Shandong Chengqian Group is Shandong Yucheng Foreign-funded Machinery Construction Co., Ltd. which started in 1985. It is the first large-scale foreign advanced machinery and equipment construction company introduced in the 20th century by using foreign capital for agricultural projects. Up to now, it has formed a modern group enterprise with nine wholly-owned holding subsidiaries and many subsidiaries. Business involves housing construction, municipal utilities, traffic bridges, building decoration, foundation, curtain wall design and construction, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, steel structure, real estate development, entertainment and fitness investment and other fields.

The signing of the agreement is a successful cooperation between Qingdao No.1 Construction Group and Shandong Chengqian Group after a thorough analysis of the current economic environment and industry situation, and based on their respective advantages, after many exchanges and consensus has reached. In the future, Qingdao No.1 Construction Group will take the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement as an opportunity to deepen its cooperation with Shandong Chengqian Group, and promote the healthy development of itself and the industry through mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

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