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Moving Forward, Strategy-guided, Pragmatic and Efficient, Innovative and Transcendent - Qingdao No.1 Construction Group held the 2019 Economic Conference

On December 29, 2018, Qingdao No.1 Construction Group held the annual economic work conference of Qingdao No.1 Construction Group in No. 8 Merchants Network Valley, Tongshun Road, Hongdao High-tech Zone. Totally there were more than 200 participants, including members of the board of directors, members of the leading group and managerial cadres above business managers, project managers, technical managers of various units, members of the leading group of holding units, financial managers, principal directors of participating units, and representatives of advanced grass-roots units, excellent project departments, excellent project managers, excellent employees and excellent new employees of the group company in 2018.

At the meeting, Ma Shujun, chairman and President of the Group, made a report on the work of the Group in 2019 entitled "Moving Forward, Strategy-guided, Pragmatic and Efficient, Innovative and Transcendent". In the report, Ma reviewed the achievements made by the Group in the past year. Ma pointed out that 2018 is the first year for the Group to implement the strategic plan for 2018-2021 in an all-round way, and it is also the first year for the Group to enter a super-qualified enterprise. Under the leadership of the board of directors, the group adheres to the concept of safe development, leapfrog development and quality development, closely around the Strategic Planning for 2018-2021 and the theme of "five new" ( new era, new strategies, new initiatives, new features and new actions), relying on all staff to overcome difficulties, pioneer and innovate, move forward in meeting challenges, and advance in overcoming difficulties. New breakthroughs have been made in the following areas: better data on economic indicators, positive double-digit growth; better market development momentum and expanding market layout; better management and control of major industry sectors, further improvement of operational capacity; better orientation of the legal affairs clearance bureau, remarkable effect in promoting important cases; better development of grass-roots units, new meteorology in work; and orderly promotion of many other work. The group company has shown a vigorous development and overall good trend.

In the report, General Ma also pointed out many problems existing in the group company, and put forward the guiding ideology for next year's work: continue to take the "1128" strategic goal as the guide, deepen reform and create a new situation for development; make good use of information tools to implement the "six modernizations" management, establish a unified, centralized and standardized upgraded version of the management and control system, and enhance the group's management and control ability. At the same time, we should give full play to the advantages of qualifications and brands, implement talent strategy, innovate the construction of enterprise culture, expand the development space through resource integration, investment promotion, innovation drive and moderate internationalization, and promote the innovation and development of enterprises. According to the planning requirements of the "1128 Strategy", detailed deployments have been made on the tasks and objectives of each unit, the work of eight major sectors, engineering indicators, market development, strengthening the ability of collectivized management and control, the implementation of six-dimensional management, talent echelon construction, the promotion of key cases, party building, enterprise brand and cultural construction, etc.

Subsequently, the signing ceremony of Target Operating Responsibility Letter and the commendation ceremony of excellent employees and units were held.

Shang Yanqing, Secretary of the Party Committee and honorary chairman of Qingdao No.1 Construction Group, made a concluding speech. On behalf of the board of directors of Qingdao No.1 Construction Group, he first congratulated and thanked the advanced collectives and excellent employees who won the honorary title.

In his speech, he emphasized that in the past year, under the guidance of the "1128" strategy, the Group has deepened its physical reform, adjusted its business model, opened up its control system and expanded its market space. With the concerted efforts of all the staff, the Group has achieved its goals in the year of the beginning of its new strategy, and the Company has made considerable progress. Four requirements are put forward for the next year's work: all departments and units should earnestly study Ma's general work report, strengthen responsibility and confidence, and promote the healthy development of enterprises; grasp the landing of annual goals and implement them to individuals; all leading groups should recognize the current situation, enhance the sense of urgency to do next year's work well, set an example and achieve good results before the Spring Festival; All the work will be put into place. Finally, Mr. Shang calls on the staff to continue their efforts to push the company's cause to a new level, and wishes all employees a happy New Year!

Following the end of the conference, an artistic performance was held in 2019. Fourteen programs selected by Dongjian Construction, Housing Construction No.2 Branch, Housing Construction No.3 Branch, Housing Construction No.8 Branch, Donghao Installation and other units participated in the performance, and a lottery draw was held on the spot. The performance atmosphere was warm, the audience were enthusiastic and interactive. The scene became a sea of joy.

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