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Qingdao No.1 Construction Group and Beixin Group Signed Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

In the afternoon of October 11, the Qingdao Green Construction Science and Technology City Special Promotion Conference, co-sponsored by the People's Government of Northern District of Qingdao City and the Urban and Rural Construction Committee of Qingdao City, was held during the 17th China International Residential Industry and Construction Industrialization Products and Equipment Exposition (Beijing). As the only representative of construction enterprises in Qingdao, Qingdao No.1 Construction Group participated in the promotion meeting and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Beixin Group.

The signing ceremony was presided over by Gao Bo, the Standing Committee of the Northern District Committee of Qingdao City and the Director of the Office of the District Committee. Ma Shujun, the Executive Chairman and President of Qingdao No.1 Construction Group, and Zhang Shiyuan, the chief engineer of Beixin Group, signed the agreement on behalf of both sides. Director Yu Binyang of the Science and Technology and Industrial Development Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction, former deputy director Xie Feng of the Environmental Protection Department of Shandong Province, deputy director Tian Linan of the Urban-Rural Construction Committee of Qingdao City, Deputy President Yu Dehu of Qingdao University of Technology and chairman Shang Yanqing of Qingdao No.1 Construction Group were invited to attend the signing ceremony.

Beixin Group is a subsidiary company of China Building Materials Group Co., Ltd., a central enterprise under the direct management of the State Assets Management Commission of the State Council. In 1979, the company was invested by the state to build the largest new building materials industry base in China. Now it has developed into a comprehensive enterprise integrating building materials industry investment, new housing, wood business and Global trade services. By the end of 2016, the total assets of the company exceeded 14.1 billion yuan. The holding subsidiaries of Beixin Wood Industry, Beixin Housing and Beixin International Trade have strong competitiveness in their respective fields.

The signing of the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement is a successful integration and expansion of Qingdao No.1 Construction Group and Beixin Group in analyzing and judging the domestic and foreign macroeconomic situation and industry development environment, focusing on their respective superior resources on the basis of many exchanges and consensus-building. In the future, the two sides will jointly carry out the development and R&D of assembly building technology, carry out project business cooperation, share research results, realize resource sharing and complementary advantages, build industrial demonstration projects and benchmark projects, and fully promote the rapid development of assembly building industry in Qingdao.

Jia Yuanping, Vice Chairman of Qingdao No.1 Construction Group, Sun Conglei, Executive President, Han Congxing, Vice President and Gong Kunpeng, Executive President of the Design Institute attended the signing ceremony.

The China Housing Expo is the only large-scale international exhibition approved by the Ministry of Commerce and supported by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction. It is co-sponsored by the Science and Technology and Industrialization Development Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction (Housing Industrialization Promotion Center), together with the China Construction Culture Center and the China Real Estate Association. The 17th China International Residential Industry and Construction Industrialization Products and Equipment Exposition (hereinafter referred to as "China Residence Exposition") was held in China International Exhibition Center (New Pavilion) in Beijing from October 11 to 13, 2018. Qingdao No.1 Construction Group was invited to participate in this residential exposition.

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